Hamilton Park UMC - Part-time Organist / Accompanist

Hamilton Park UMC, Dallas, TX

Job Description

Hamilton Park United Methodist Church is seeking an Organist/Accompanist with a love of music and a strong desire to share their faith in Christ through music ministry.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent organ playing skills—technical dexterity and accuracy; command of the instrument; skillful registrations; improvisatory skills a plus; knowledge of classical organ repertoire .

  • Ability to play hymns with proficiency and sensitivity; a passion for music ministry .

  • Excellent accompanying skills; excellent sight-reading skills; can play open score.      

  • Strong piano skills; ability to play a variety of different musical styles .

  • Strong sense of commitment to the Church.

  • A team player who works well with others—staff and laity; can be flexible .

  • Degree in organ/music preferred but not required.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Organist for ALL Sunday services at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

  2. Accompanist at all rehearsals when needed.

  3. Provide organ music and choir accompaniments and any extra rehearsals required for additional special services, concerts, choral workshops or other special events at the discretion of the Music Director or the Pastor.

  4. Prepare organ or piano accompaniments in advance of choir rehearsals when possible.

Job Expectations

To be a musical representative of Hamilton Park UnitedMethodist Church, always presenting a spirit of willingness and cooperation regarding the music department, worship, and the Church at large. 

This job reports directly to the Director of Music Ministry.

How to Apply

Please send resume with cover letter to Michele Sisson at msisson@hparkumc.org or mail to: 11881 Schroeder Road, Dallas, TX 75243.

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