Status and Role of Women (SROW) is a committee of faith-filled and prayerful women who, in the spirit of unity, intend to inspire, empower and nurture women into achieving God-centered lives. The mission is to equip and encourage women to participate and lead in all capacities of the church and be a support mechanism for the Hamilton Park community.

It is the vision of Hamilton Park SROW to advocate for:
• full and equal participation in the church and ministry
• recognition that women are called by Jesus Christ to all levels of discipleship and service
• inclusiveness of women and children in the church
• coaching and training opportunities to empower women for roles they are called to
• inspiration of women to accept vital roles in the church and ministries
• research and monitoring on how women’s issues are being addressed
• forums that recommend ways to diminish gender discrimination and offer opportunities
Women actively involved in planning and executing Hamilton Park SROW missions and goals are called “Committee Members”

We promote events throughout the year to include:
o Anointing service for SROW committee members and other women leaders at HPUMC;
o Fundraisers to support the mission and vision;
o Worship services with emphasis on women’s celebrations;
o An annual conference and/or women’s empowerment retreat;
o Forums that address women’s issues
All women of Hamilton Park UMC are welcome and invited to all SROW activities and events including meetings and training efforts.


Contact Information

Catina Powell


Meeting Information

Second Sunday of each month

1:00-3:00 p.m.

Rooms 109-110