Mission Statement

The Hamilton Park United Methodist Church is a community of faith.
We accept the call of God to be nurturing caring servants.
We are committed to the task of being the Image of Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Scriptures.
We willingly make available our time, talent and tithes
To this church community by engaging in Christian outreach
And evangelism, through the study and practice of God’s Word.


Meeting Times and Locations

Time:  9:45AM, Room #209

Four-week Sunday classes are scheduled monthly in the following order:

First Sunday
We discuss the Plan of Salvation. How God gave His only Son so that we would be saved and have eternal life. How we are saved, not by our works, but through Christ who took on our sins at the cross. We discuss that in accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive the Holy Spirit and through faith.  We discuss how the power is in us to do the same things that Christ did. We discuss the Great Commission of how we are to witness to others.
Second Sunday
We discuss Strengthening our Faith through Prayer and Reading the Bible daily. We discuss what prayer is, how to pray, and when to pray. We talk about the authority of the Word of God.  We give the Upper Room to Members as a starting place in their daily mediation. We stress the importance of joining a SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS or a BIBLE STUDY.  Attendees are given information about classes, studies and other services offered at HPUMC.  We also give members a mustard seed package and have purchased Bibles for members who didn’t own one.
Third Sunday
Church Services. We discuss the order of worship and why United Methodists worship the way we do. We discuss the Church seasons and the colors on the altar.  We discuss the history of Methodism, John Wesley, and the history related to African Americans.  We discuss the history of HPUMC and the Hamilton Park Community.
Fourth Sunday
Discussed are the different ministries at the church and ways to serve. We discuss the importance of tithing and our membership vows. Therefore we pass out copies of “OUR MEMBERSHIP VOWS” and “A BRIEF INTRODUCTION to the BOOK of DISCIPLINE”.  Ministries throughout HPUMC are invited this meeting in order to introduce themselves to members who recently joined HPUMC.

Contact Information

Roger L. Bouyer
Ministry Chair