Pastoral Staff

Rev. Christopher O'Riley Associate Pastor

Dear Hamilton Park United Methodist Church Family,

Ecclesiastes 3:1

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."

It is with humility and with great joy that I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as your Associate Pastor this coming July. It was a joy to meet with your SPRC, hear about the life of Hamilton Park United Methodist Church, and see your church again. As a way of first introduction, I will share with you a little bit of my journey.

In 2009 I graduated from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a minor in English. Upon my graduation from undergrad I was accepted into SMU Perkins School of Theology. While at Perkins School of Theology I was an active member at Hamilton Park United Methodist Church. I worked as an assistant coordinator to the youth ministry and helped start a young adult book club. Upon my graduation from Perkins School of Theology I received an opportunity to work as a ih grade English Teacher at Peak Preparatory in downtown Dallas and am also currently the Director of Christian Education at First United Methodist Church (Young Adult and Youth) in Irving, TX. I am a member of the Dallas chapter of the NAACP and National Urban League of Young Professionals.

If I was asked to list my top three passions for ministry I would list Young Adults, Christian Education (Strong Discipleship), and Community Involvement with a strong Worship Experience coming in at a hard number four! I believe that without young people in any capacity there is no future but without seniors there is no guidance. I believe that both must work together to push for a brighter tomorrow. Harnessing and accepting the energy of our young people while embracing and valuing the wisdom of our elders. And once we can establish that, our discipleship becomes stronger, our community involvement becomes more effective, and our worship begins to rock!

The Bible states in the book of Ecclesiastes that, "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." Hamilton Park, there is new season ahead of us, and I am ready to serve with you in ways that will be impactful to all ages, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. I am ready to keep my hands on the plow of progress while proclaiming God's unfailing love! I am ready to get down in the narrow ditches of life to pave out a way for all to see the glory of God. And I pray that we can do all of that with open hearts, open minds, and open doors. Amen.

Humbly submitted,

Rev. Christopher O'Riley