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Hamilton Park United Methodist Church is a house of prayer, where God is offering hope and a bright future through the unconditional love and saving grace of Jesus Christ and the awesome transforming power of a praying community of faith. 



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Christian Education

Nov  24

Hope in God!  Psalm 42:5-11.

Nov  25

Fear, Awe, and Praise. Psalm 33:1-9.

Nov  26

O Lord, We Hope in You. Psalm 33:10-22.

Nov  27

Hope Set on the Living God. 1 Timothy 4:4-11.

Nov  28

The God of Our Salvation. Psalm 85:1-7.

Nov  29

God Is Our Shield. Genesis 15:1-6.

Nov  30

God Before Us, God Behind Us. Isaiah 52:1-2, 7-12.


 Class (begining on September 10th)



The Alpha Course Wed 7:00pm

Pastors and various church leaders

Prayer 101 Wed 7:00pm Pastors Archie & Eleanor Browne
Your Money Counts (Now More Than Ever) Wed 7:00pm

Henry Bryant & Reggie Hopkins

Sunday School Classes 2014/15 Teachers Room # Start Time
Children & Youth 9:00 A.M.
Pre K - Kindergarten N/A 107
1st and 2nd Grade Yolanda Johnson 205  
3rd and 4th Grade Jackie Hawkins 201  
5th and 6th Grade Bill Johnson and Tom Smith 203  
Middle School Ed Spivey 204  
High School Ed Spivey 205  
Adult Classes 9:00 A.M.
Bereans Fred Marsh, Michael Walton & Phaon Clewis 209
Ellen Wilson Class Nellie Thompson Library  
Silver and Gold Heywood Sparks and Col. Adams 112  
Living Prayer Class Vanessa Medlock: Class members rotate teaching duties. 109-110  

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November 27

Inscribed Servants Rehearsal

Thursday | 6:30 PM
November 27

Intercessory Prayer

Thursday | 7:00 PM
November 27

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Thursday | 7:30 PM
November 28

Morning Prayer

Friday | 6:30 AM
November 29

Dance Ministry w/Cori Hill

Saturday | 10:00 AM